2024 to 2025 MOT Annual Training for Class 4 & 7 (Group B) MOT Testers, this course will take you through all the required topics needed to refresh your MOT knowledge as required by the DVSA.

Once you have completed the eLearning you will be sent an email with a link to access the Annual Assessment. If you do not receive the email after checking your spam please get in touch at info@themotclub.com or ask your site manager.

The DVSA MOT Tester Annual Assessment for 2024 to 2025 Group B Testers will be focused around the topics covered in this course. You will be required to read various sections of the DVSA MOT Inspection Manual, Testing Guide and the DVSA MOT Special Notices, this information is available from the MTS and DVSA website.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts Author


Corrosion – Part 1

Corrosion – Part 2

Classification of Vehicles

Test Procedures – Part 1

Test Procedures – Part 2

MOT Inspection Manual & MOT Testing Guide – Part 1

MOT Inspection Manual & MOT Testing Guide – Part 2

Training Record & Notes