This course will provide MOT Site Managers with the knowledge required to manage an MOT Centre day to day. It covers the general tasks the DVSA expect the MOT Site Manager to complete on a regular basis and the consequences of not running the centre correctly. This course is useful to those new to the role to help them understand their responsibilities and also for experienced MOT Site Managers as refresher training.

Course Information


The course is made of 12 modules and each module has several lessons, there is an end of course exam with 30 multiple choice questions and pass mark of 80%.

Some lessons have links to other resources so make use of these resources to learn more and broaden your knowledge.

Introduction & MOT Reference Material

Roles & Responsibilities

MOT Documentation


Test Classes / Vehicle Classes

Contingency Procedures

Retest Procedures

Complaint Handling

Quality Management System

VTS, MOT Tester, AE Discipline

Site Assessment/Review

MOT Testing Service (MTS) 

End of Course Exam